Case study

Two specializations for a common project

Free Park recommends a small concept project to bring the methodology into the customer’s reality.
In this way, more feedback is obtained and exactly the desired levels of detail can be de: ned, in particular:

LOD level = quality of the 3D model
LOI level = quantity of information-data

For a large industrial company, this concept was therefore implemented on a portion of a limited area (about 100 square meters).

After the surveys in the field by laser scanning and the subsequent creation of the 3D model, the detailed levels of the final project were shared.

The images show some passages (in the case study, free applications available on the Web were used)

Structural area section involved in the concept

Ceiling lighting system detail (Lod4)

Detail and personal simulation

Plant detail

It is noted that the selection option (red in the last photo) allows access to information relating to the object (documents, technical data sheets, maintenance, invoices, process forms, assets, categorizations, attributes ….).

The concept then made it possible to use the 3D model to simulate a process activity.

By then crossing the various rooms, systems and personnel involved by mimicking the process steps, the time gantt, Qusso diagram, costs, constraints, complexity and all the analysis of the attributes of interest loaded into the model were obtained.

After the consolidation of this Qusso activity, the analysis reports allow the start of margin / risk improvement activities through simulation, having now clearly highlighted the areas of greatest interest on which to place the target

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