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Giacomo Sebastianis
+39 349 5008408

Massimiliano Rossi
+39 353 4279035 

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Frequent questions

Because we are a start-up

Legislative Decree 179/2012, art. 15 paragraph 2, identifies the necessary legal requirements and related exit conditions.

In particular, Free Park’s corporate purpose is the marketing of a product-service with a high technological value

Because we don't offer proprietary products

Free Park selects applications on the market that are suitable for its methodology, including through customization of the same. In this way it can offer different solutions in every situation

What are BIM and GIS

BIM technology improves the design, construction and management of infrastructures by correlating all information and three-dimensional views in an indexed database.

GIS technology is a computer system that binds data to a precise geographic position.

The combination of the two technologies guarantees the uniqueness of the data, allowing the BIM database the real cartographic positioning

What are BI and AI

BI techniques allow the analysis of large amounts of data, their visualization (including graphical) and extrapolation.

AI techniques analyze the amount of data through algorithms to find correlations

Because that's how it is it is important to have related personal data

The amount of data, indexed by means of an appropriate registry (not limited), simplifies BI analyzes, avoiding errors and duplicates.

Importance of analyzing costs and process times from every point of view

Each business area has a partial view of the business.

Integrating multiple points of view with a single methodology, risks and benefits can be correctly weighted to select the best process

Because fiscal balanceand production margins are not always the same

The fiscal balance comply with the legal requirements which are condensed in the EEC budget.

However, these data must be reversed through industrial analytical drivers (typically divided into work centers and flow times) to identify the areas of marginality or waste, and intervene with precision to optimize the process

How to manage business activities to always obtain related data

Through the use of a unique company code and related attributes that qualify the data model.

This method must then be applied to each organizational area, activity, procedure or document
to be able to generate relatable databases

Because mapping allows knowledge and is the basis for improvement

In structured companies, integrated knowledge of business flows is not sufficiently clear and shared.

The mapping of the main process flows allows not only the improvement of the same through lean techniques, constrictors and agni, but also gives the staff the possibility to share the points of view of other organizational areas to weigh them together.

In summary, the mapping is a unique and objective language, on which the management can deal constructively on a daily basis